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Exceeding NQS

In June 2013, the Centre received an overall rating of Exceeding NQS in all areas, under the Federal Government’s National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care.

To receive this Exceeding rating, the service needed to complete a 6 step process as outlined by the Australian Children's Edcuation and Quality Care Authority (ACECQA) The key elements of this are compiling a Quality Improvement Plan in conjunction with Centre staff, families and Committee of Management and being reviewed by an ACECQA assessor to ensure that the standards outlined in the Improvement Plan are being incorporated into everyday practice.

The assessment process occurred over a two day period, and the Centre received a rating for the following 7 Quality areas, which incorporate 58 principles of Quality Care.

1Education Program and Practise

2Children's Health and Safety

3Physical Environment

4Staffing Arrrangements

5Relationships with Children

6Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

7Leadership and Service Management

The Centre sees the accreditation process as a valued tool to examine and improve current practices and procedures.

For the time frame between being reviewed and submitting the next Quality Improvement Plan, the Centre continues to work on its continuing improvement plan.