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Committee of Management

Through Road Kindergarten and Children's Centre is a community based Association, and is registered under the Associations Act.

All Australian incorporated associations are legally required to establish a Committee of Management.

The Centre's Committee of Management and its sub-committees are made up of groups of elected parents who work closely with the centre Co-ordinator to manage the Centre. Community based management ensures that the users of the service, in this case, the parents / guardians of the children who attend, have a direct "say" in the running of the Centre, and influence the style and quality of care their children receive.

The Centre's Annual General Meeting is held during the month of September.

Executive members:

Cassie Cassie Harris - President

My family has been part of the TRKCC community since May 2011. We have always been immensely satisfied & thankful for the dedicated educators; who provide outstanding care, programs & learning experiences to my children, who respond warmly to their practices.

I joined the Committee of Management at the AGM in 2011 as an Ordinary Committee member & membership to the Human Resource Sub-Committee. I have found both personal & professional value in contributing to a Centre with a rating of "Exceeding". The Committee has proved to be a great vehicle to engage with fellow parents & in turn the greater community, whilst supporting the TRKCC team in their management decision encompassing their daily activities. Since joining the committee, my main purpose has been to collaboratively support the Centre work towards HR best practice complementing their continued success; derived from my working life as a HR Professional.

Nicole Nicole Perazzo - Vice President

I'm Nicole Perazzo and I joined the committee in 2015 as an ordinary member. For 2016, I have moved into the Vice President's role.

My children have been attending TRKCC since 2014 and I was drawn to the centre because of the strong community focus I saw from my very first visit. The educators are absolutely fabulous: my kids love them and they have gone above and beyond to help with settling and creating personalised experiences. They also work closely with us as a family, offering advice on things like eating, sleeping and most recently... tantrums!

I also work with an IT sub-committee to look at all things technical! Having worked in IT on the web for the past 15 years, this is right up my alley. It's been fabulous to get to know the other folk on the committee and work together in a team toward a better TRKCC.

Jane Jane Elzinga - Treasurer


Kate Kate Legge - Secretary

I am fortunate in that all my children are attending or have attended Through Road Kindergarten and Children’s Centre. I was drawn to the Centre because of the integrity of its operations and the dedication of its wonderful staff. In addition, having children ranging in age from babies up to kinder kids at the Centre fosters a real sense of community as well as enhancing the development of social skills and responsible behaviour in the older children. My school-age child still loves visiting her younger friends at the Centre and even staying for a while in school holidays!

My role as Secretary is mainly to prepare meeting agendas and minutes for the monthly committee meeting and the annual general meeting of all association members (i.e. you, the families who attend the centre). I am an in-house lawyer and as part of the committee I particularly focus my attention on risk management and process improvements so that the Centre is always the best that it can be, for the children, parents and staff.

Aveena Aveena Chaal - Ordinary Member

I am an ordinary member of the committee in 2015. My children have attended the Kinder program and 2-3 room this year.Our relationship with TRKCC began in 2011 and we feel privileged to have joined the Through Rd community.As my children attend the centre full time, I know how impactful the time spent at TRKCC is to their development and wellbeing. The educators have an immense responsibility and they provide an outstanding level of care. This has been noted with the independent "exceeding" rating which TRKCC has achieved on all metrics and also by our general personal experience.

I also belong to the fundraising subcommittee where we seek support from the TRKCC community. Being a not for profit centre, these contributions directly impact our ability to provide a better learning environment and experiences for our children and helping keep fees at amongst the lowest in Boroondara. We look forward to your support in the year ahead!

Jo Jo Cooke - Ordinary Member

My daughter started at the Centre all the way back in 2011 and my son started in 2012 (he's now in the Pre-Kinder group). They both really enjoy coming to childcare and Lucy still insists on visiting when we come to drop off Charlie. We have always felt very lucky that we were able to get a place at Through Road as it is such a warm and friendly place with very professional yet caring staff.

I joined the committee officially at the 2012 AGM although I attended meetings for several months prior (any parent can attend a Committee of Management meeting). I really value the opportunity to support the staff in caring for my children and to contribute to the smooth running of the centre. I currently work part-time in the higher education sector, supporting academics in improving their teaching.

Liv Olivia Giglia - Ordinary Member


Noel Noel Jones - Ordinary Member

My name is Noel Jones and I recently joined the committee. My son Callum started in the 3-5 yr room in Feb 2015 and he loves being at Through Rd. We feel the smaller class size has really helped him form close friendships and provides individual support from the wonderful staff. I look forward to contributing to the development of the Centre via my professional background in human resources and marketing.

Jenny Jenny Thomas - Ordinary Member

My name is Jenny Thomas and I joined the Through Road Committee of Management as a General Member in October 2015.

I have 2 children attending Through Road and our family have been part of the centre since January 2014. My husband and I made the choice for our children to attend Through Road as it is a centre that offers quality care, in a welcoming atmosphere and the centre has achieved an “Exceeding” National Quality Standing (NQS), the highest achievable. The centre is very supportive and has a great approach to teaching my children practical life skills. My children are very happy at the centre and have made some very special friendships.

Being a committee member allows me the opportunity to contribute to an already outstanding centre. I am a chartered accountant, with varied commercial experience as well as communication and change management expertise.