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Program Planning

Programs are planned to reflect the Centre's philosophy and achieve its goals. The program fosters a balanced view of the world, one that communicates messages of peace and respect, while provoking and challenging the children to explore and discover.

The earliest years of childhood are very important in fostering a love of learning, a sense of self and a feeling of security. The program's purpose is to help every child to develop their sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming. The program aims to develop positive self-esteem by creating an environment where children will feel good about themselves and what they do. The children are encouraged in Learing, Wellbeing, Communication, Identity and Community. We provide an environment where children are given time and opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace.

Each room has a program that is designed to reflect the needs of individual children. Programs provide choices and challenges in all areas including gross and fine motor skills, aesthetic awareness and creativity and in the important areas of social and personal development. Through programming, activity mapping and reflections on learning, educators aim to build on children's natural thirst for discovery by helping them to develop an enthusiasm for learning, not simply the acquisition of knowledge, but also comprehension, application, analysis, and evaluation.

Reflections of Learning and Activity Mapping are displayed in a prominent location within each room.

Care is taken to ensure that all children, regardless of gender, nature, and ability, feel they have the right to participate. The use of multicultural and non-gender bias resources assists with this.

All transition times including meal times, sleep times, toileting and nappy change times are used as learning experiences, as well as relaxed social times for both educators and children.

Each room’s program represents a balance between inside and outside activities. Educators ensure that both morning and afternoon activities are provided. There is a balance between noisy and quiet activities and allows for individual play as well as interactive opportunities. The activities provided are based on the children's interests and are both child and Educator initiated. The program provides for small groups of children to work together as well as working in larger groups where appropriate.

Like adults, children are individuals with preferred interests, likes and learning styles. Programs offered throughout the Centre cater for these individualities by utilising a wide range of learning methods. It recognises that children learn through play and 'hands on' experiences.

Educators write individual and group Learning stories which document children's interest, development and learning.

Educators prepare recommendations for planning and identify activities and intentional teaching methods that they will use to further assist the children in developing their learning.

Educators seek feedback from families, children and fellow educators about individual chiuldren's learning and relfect on the outcomes of the activities and experiences provided for the children.