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0 to 2 Years Room

The 0-2 room caters for 8 children per day and has two full time educatrors caring for and educating the group.

Reflection of Learning

The 0-2 room offers a welcoming environment, where children are able to establish and refine their newly emerging skills.  To help children work towards reaching their potential, the room follows the children's interest and needs as well as providing educator initiated activities and interactions.

The following areas are considered when relfecting on the children's learning:

Identity - Children have a strong sense of identity

Community - Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Wellbeing - Children have a stong sense of wellbeing

Learning - Children are confident and involved learners

Communication - Children are effective communicators

The Program

The educators in the 0-2 room work in partnership with parents to ensure that the environment offered within the centre, reflects that which the child is familiar with.  The daily routine also offers flexibility to ensure that home routines can be reflected, creating a home like environment for all children.

Routines are a necessary part of every day, with educators utilising these times as informal learning opportunities for children, through story telling, singing and making the most of the one on one interactions to establish or further develop, existing relationships.

The 0-2 room offers a stimulating environment where children can find challenge, but also learn through play and exploring their surroundings.  A key focus is on establishing children’s sense of self, as well as building on their personal confidence as they move through the extensive developmental milestones that occur within this age group.

The educational program offers opportunity for educator and child initiated play.  Having these experiences running parallel within the room allows children to learn at their own pace, offering opportunities for the older children to build on their concentration skills whilst allowing younger children within the room time to investigate and experiment with various experiences.

Children in the 0-2 room have the advantage of having their own outdoor play space whilst also being able to use the Centre’s main outdoor area.  Having the option of using either of the two outside areas, enables educators to structure the children’s indoor/outdoor time around the groups needs, rather than the Centre's.

As this room is a family’s first introduction to the concept of child care, educators tailor each families orientation to suit their individual needs, ensuring that the transition into care is a positive experience for both parents and children.