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2 to 3 Years Room

The 2-3 room caters for 12 children per day and has three full time educators caring for and educating the group.

Reflection of Learning

The 2-3 room provides a safe and secure environment which ensures children can develop flexible, secure, supportive, respectful and collaborative relationships. Positive guidance is used as a basis for allowing children to develop the knowledge and gain the experience of respecting each other and their environment, for now and in the future.

The following areas are considered when reflecting on the children's learning:

Identity - Children have a strong sense of identity

Community - Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Wellbeing - Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Learning - Children are confident and involved learners

Communication - Children are effective communicators


The Program

The 2-3 room program places a large emphasis on learning through play, and whilst individual objectives and current interest areas are catered for, a strong emphasis is placed on offering opportunities for children to engage in free play, as this allows children to extend on their abilities informally, through play that is child initiated, enjoyable, spontaneous, voluntary and involves the child totally.

Each child is individually planned for and their learning documented through Group and Individual Learning Stories. The 2-3 Room encourages the children to develop their independence and self help skills and provides them with the opportunity to learn and develop these skills at their own pace, while supporting them in their learning.

The children are provided with various levels of play which creates the opportunity for them to choose how, where and with whom they play with.

As the time approaches for children to move from the 2-3 to the kinder room, opportunities for orientation into the new environment are offered, enabling children to become familiar with the staff and room routines. This practise is individualised for each child based on their specific needs.