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4 Year Old Funded Kinder

The four year old group program develops a more structured, measurable focus with school readiness in mind at all times. The children learn to be challenged by more structured experiences and games in a safe and stimulating environment. They will also be able to

  • concentrate for longer periods,
  • complete tasks,
  • contribute to group discussions,
  • become involved in group projects,
  • develop problem solving and decision making skills,
  • learn to recognise and write their name
  • learn sharing and turn taking skills,
  • develop independence in self help skills

Literacy and numeracy are highly valued aspects of the program and children are constantly encouraged to develop pre-writing and pre-reading skills and alphanumeric awareness. Your child’s development is monitored and there are many opportunities through out the year for individual discussions about development, learning and school readiness.

To build on children’s emerging literacy skills, the Letterland program is incorporated annually and activities such as verbalising their drawings and “writing” their own books is also encouraged.

Why choose long day care for your pre-school year?

Although the Centre adheres to the same teaching guidelines and program structure as sessional kindergartens, the environments are different, with the essential difference being that the 3 and 4 year old kinder programs run concurrently.

As a child moves up from the younger rooms, they are familiar with the environment and have already formed relationships with both staff and other children.

Family grouping and mixed age grouping exposes children to a wider variety of experiences.

Through employing a kindergarten teacher and having the program run daily, allows children to have extended opportunities to interact with the pre-school program as well as offering more suitable hours of care for parents with work commitments. Families currently have access to 15 hours of preschool education, per week through sessional kindergarten, with any extra hours usually offered at an extra cost to families.

The longer kinder sessions allows children to:

  • utilise the programmed activities for longer periods,
  • have two “formal” group time experiences
  • have more individual time with teaching staff.