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Orientation / Enrolment

The Centre encourages parents and children to become familiar with its educators and environment prior to the child beginning care.  The Centre believes that parents and children who are introduced to the Centre prior to enrolment will feel more comfortable and informed when they do come to use the Centre.  Pre-enrolment visits are invited and encouraged on at least two occasions prior to a child commencing at the Centre, however parents may visit the Centre during the orientation process as much as they and educators feel it is necessary to ensure their child feels comfortable within the new environment.

The orientation process is tailored to suit individual family needs. Parents may use the staff room whilst orientating to provide short periods of time away from their child.  Educators monitor children’s orientation and provide feedback to families.

Upon enrolment, parents are encouraged to complete an overview form including their child’s daily routine which is given to room educators.  The information conveyed in this overview is used to aid the settling in process and to provide a basis for individual planning.  Parents are actively encouraged to contact the Centre during the day if they wish to do so.

The Centre will use all available resource materials and services to ensure families of Non English Speaking Backgrounds (NESB) have access to information and material in their first language, including the translation of enrolment forms if appropriate.